Dheya.com: offering valuable career counselling services in a seamless way

Dheya started as an assessments development company with recruitment process outsourcing being one of the main services in 2006, which facilitated corporate houses to recruit and build a strong team of employees. Later on the company emerged as a full fledged career development organisation, which offered expert career counselling services to its clients through its online portal. With the proper psychological assessment tools such as ability tests, personality assessments, skill inventory, values inventory and interest inventory designed and developed by the organisation itself, Dheya makes it easy for the person to select the most suitable career that would be based on one’s interests and aptitude.

Dheya offers services of expert career consultants at an affordable price, which may prove to be worth their weight in gold if availed at the right time and followed sincerely. With a myriad of career choices available before students in the present world, it often becomes quite difficult to select a suitable career or goal, which would attract all success and riches in life. This often leads to many students select careers at random without assessing their suitability and impact on future lives. The expert career counsellors of Dheya after extensive research and survey done on 1200+ students have found out the causes that lead to un-employability and low return on investment in education. It is just the lack of career development initiatives and lack of awareness among people, which is the root-cause of such a huge disparity in employment prospects.

Dheya.com, in order to facilitate students and professionals make better and informed decisions on career choices have launched many programs, which truly meets the needs and requirements of its people on a cost effective basis. These programs have been designed to help urban and rural people maximise the chances of their employability and thus help them get the valuable and much needed career guidance on right time.

Our online psychometric tests will help you get to know your personality traits better and thus you would be able to unleash your true potential through channelizing your energy in the pursuit of right goal. The career assessment test will enable you make proper decision regarding your career. You can have a review of various career opportunities and also gain good insights regarding their accomplishments. So if you are in any dilemma and are unable to make the right career decision or you want to change your working area which may not be interesting and satisfying, then do not hesitate to contact us online through our site www.dheya.com.


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